• Silver is a precious metal with density similar to that of Gold. Due to being a soft metal, Silver is often mixed with other alloys when making jewelry. Sterling Silver jewelry consists of 92.5% Silver and the rest 7.5% are mixed alloys (mainly copper). Handmade Silver jewelry requires slightly more alloys mixed with Silver in order to retain their beautiful carvings and harden the metal.


  • In comparison to other precious metals, Silver has a tendency to tarnish when exposed to Sulphur containing substances in the air. However, this does not damage the metal, it simply forms a layer of tarnish which can easily be removed.


  • Fortunately, cleaning your Silver jewelry and keeping it tarnish free is quiet simple and can be done yourself. With a few care tips, your fabulous piece of jewelry will remain dazzling for several years.


  • In order to avoid any oxidation, its best to always keep your unworn Silver jewelry in an air tight box or bag.


  • Keep your jewelry away from any household chemicals, perfumes, perspiration etc... It’s better to remove your jewelry while doing your household chores.


  • The best way to clean dull or slightly tarnished jewelry is by cleaning it with mild dishwashing soap in slight warm water. Make sure not to use any scrub as it will leave scratch marks on the pieces.


  • Keeping a Silver cleaning cloth handy is also a good option. Simply clean the removed jewelry with the cleaning cloth before putting it back in the box.


  • Avoid wearing your Silver jewelry while swimming or at the beach.


Finally, make sure you do WEAR your Silver jewelry more often as the oils in the body keeps the Silver from tarnishing.