Silver Cow & Calf - A Must-have Statue for Success!

Kamdhenu cow and calf silverstatue have significance as per Hindu mythology and Vastu. Anand Jewellers offers an end to the search by extending the best silver cow and calf denotations for all your needs! We bring you an asset as Kamdhenu and help you open the doors of success and growth in life!

Choose amongst the cow and calf silver from us as we offer you the best.

  • The statues come with quality like no other.
  • It has hallmarks that denote its purity and certification
  • The silver Kamdhenu cow price is as per your budget
  • It comes in a variety to help you pick what fits your need and mind
  • It can deliver via online selection with safe transportation

We abide by our values and traits and help you have the best silver cow & calfas an asset or gift. With our store, you can buy silver cow & calfand choose better things and positivity in life!

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Silver Cow & Calf

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