Silver Chains

Invest in the Perfect Silver Chain for yourself or your Loved Ones!

Nothing beats a good silver chain that will add an extra layer of style and charm. Here we offer a sterling silver chain for all occasions. You can gift these pure silver chains to men, women, and children alike. These chains are also a perfect gift for those who want to celebrate their achievements in life. Silver is a delicate and alluring metal that brings good health and luck to those who wear them.

We offer sincere customer service for every purchase you make of real silver chain:

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Our store has different silver coins that will suit everyone's style perfectly. Our chandi ki chain is made of 925 pure sterling silver by talented artisans. You can find alternatives like ropes, balls, and snake chains. Take a look at Anand Jewellers site and buy silver chain online from the comfort of your home.

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  1. 925 Silver Figaro Neck Chains (Rhodium)
    From $12.92
  2. 925 Silver Figaro Neck Chains (1.75mm)
    From $19.38
  3. 925 Silver Ball Link Neck Chains (Rhodium-0.70mm)
    From $11.31
  4. 925 Silver Figaro Neck Chains (Solid - 4.50mm)
    From $66.22
  5. 925 Silver Curb Neck Chains (Flat - 4.50mm)
    From $43.61
  6. 925 Silver Curb Neck Chains (Flat - 5.75mm)
    From $54.91
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Silver Chains

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