Buy silver for men Online and surprise them with an asset!

Who said jewellery goes only for women? Anand Jewellers brings you a breathtaking display of silver for men that will change your mind. We offer you the collection in authentic silver with stunning designs and the best deals! With Us, you will look forward to a piece to gift the man who matters in your life!

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  1. 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet Cuban Curb
    From AED 175.00
  2. 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet Marine with ID (Plate)
    From AED 200.00
  3. 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet Figaro (Flat type)
    From AED 150.00
  4. 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet Curb with ID (Plate)
    From AED 180.00
  5. 925 Silver Ball Neck Chains
    From AED 95.00
  6. 925 Silver Rope Neck Chains
    From AED 370.00
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